Don Quixote in space

"Don Quixote in space" , Wrought sheet-iron, 3.45 x 2.22 x 1.80


"…In general terms the sculpture of Moustakas is marked by a sincerity and energy of feeling, making his creations appear with an organicity which breathes into them a peculiar life and expression. In his will, Rodin, addressing the young, wrote: Your spirit must conceive every area as the projection of a mass which is behind it and pushes it. You should imagine forms as if they were facing in your direction. Every life stems from a centre; it then blossoms and surges outwards from within. The same thing happens with good sculpture. You can imagine a strong internal impulsion in it. This is the secret of Ancient Art..".

Stelios Lydakis

Art Historian

Ekpompi, 1966



Other views 


In the garden of the studio