Exhibition in Peristeri - Athens




Exhibits in the halls and the pedestrianized street: sculptures, paintings and Banners with poems of Zoe Savina.


 Indoors, small-scale sculptures on display. Large-scale sculptures displayed in the pedestrianized street and garden.



1. Mayor Andreas Pachatouridis greets and welcomes the guests and artists to the municipality of Peristeri.

2. From left: The poetess and speaker of the event Yolanda Pegkli, the poetess and academic K. Dimoula, the sculptor V. Moustakas, the poetess Z. Savina, the Mayor A. Pachatouridis and members of the City Council.


The Mayor Andreas Pachatouridis honors the artists Vangelis Moustakas, Zoe Savina and Alexander Moustakas.


 Schools visited the exhibition and the students chatted with the artist.


The catalogue of the exhibition in Peristeri