Knowledge Column


"Knowledge Column", front view outside the Observatory in Ellinogermaniki Agogi school


…"As the viewer can see in the presence of the works themselves, it is the multiplicity of the explorations and the daring of the combinations which ascribe the tone to the artistic creation of Moustakas. Apart from the works which have been discussed, there are many others which leave no doubt as to the character and range of the artist's concerns. The decisive characteristic of his language of expression, together with his technical accomplishment, in various categories, is his ability to use features from types of all periods and trends -in works in marble, in bronze, in wood, as well as in their surroundings and his constructivist undertakings, it is the purely personal elements which set the tone and give expression to his encounters.

Thus with features from the real, the imaginary and of abstration, this genuine creator offers works of mass and quality which are distinguished by the robustness of forms vibrant with inner forces - an exuberance of expression formulated by the spontaneity of his inspiration and the directness and plenitude of his achievements.

~ ~Chrysanthos Christou - Professor of Art History - Academian



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